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Zetod & Kuldatsäuk ''Rikas ja vaene''
Zetod & Kuldatsäuk ''Rikas ja vaene'' Põlva Folkfest. For the first time, Zetod performed their tune ''Rikas ja vaene'' (Rich and Poor). To make the contrast between old and new even more visible, Zetod invited the leelochoir Kuldatsäuk to authentically sing and dance the tune. Now you can all check if you have danced it correctly :). P.S. Look, what Kuldatsäuk does at the end. ''Kergel jalal...'' Video: Roheline Meedia/Green Media/Toivo Kaskpeit
Zetod & Tsibihärbläseq ''Tšastuškad'' unplugged!
Zetod ''10'' at Värska stadium
Zetod ''Kergotamine''
Zetod ''Kergotamine'' Radio 2 Hit of the Year no 14 ''Kergotamine'' comes from Zetod's second album ''Lätsi tarrõ tagasi'' (2008). The video is filmed on April 1st at a concert in the Viljandi Traditional Music Centre. Onstage camera by Pille Kannimäe.
Zetod ''Kits läts orgo'' 2012
Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2012. Zetod are playing tune called ''Kits läts orgo'' from their second studio album ''Lätsi tarrõ tagasi''.
Zetod ''Luitekass''
Studiovideo by Janar Raidla, sektor.ee
Zetod ''Naasevõtt''
Zetod ''Naasevõtt'' Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2011 Live. Solo by Matis Leima! Tune: ''Naasevõtt'' (from the 2010 album ''Lätsi sanna'') Video by: Kuuno Kuusik, Pille Kannimäe, Li Lugima, Margo Paju, Jaanus Toomsalu.
Zetod ''Õs viä'''
Zetod ''Õs viä''' acoustic
Zetod ''Põdralaul''
Zetod ''Põdralaul'' (Moose Song) The music video is recorded in 2005. Back then, Zetod were 1,3 years old and had won a prize the Põlva Folkfest that allowed them to record a music video! Director Toivo Kaskpeit (Roheline Meedia/Green Media) went to Setomaa to film the boys as they were! The Moose Song is Zetod's first hitsong that's played at concerts till today!
Zetod ''Põlva Folkfest'' 2004
Zetod ''Sarvõpuhuja''
Zetod ''Sarvõpuhuja'' Live: Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2011. ''Sarvõpuhuja'' comes from Zetod's 2008 album ''Lätsi tarrõ tagasi''. Video by: Kuuno Kuusik, Pille Kannimäe, Li Lugima, Margo Paju, Jaanus Toomsalu.
Zetod ''Sõda om lännü' sõudõmahe''
Zetod ''Tšastuškad''
Tallinn Music Week 2012
Zetod ''Toonuška''
Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2012. Toonuška will be released on Zetod's 4th studioalbum ''Lätsi kõrtsu''
Zetod ''Viiäs väkke''
Zetod, Tsibihärbläseq & Lõmaš ''PIRKO'' unplugged!
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